Simple Steps On How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos (2018)
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Simple Steps On How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos (2018)

Simple Steps On How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos (2018)

First of all, a heartful of thank you to all my dear readers, who showed immense love in my 21+ ways on how to earn money online guide.

And as requested by many of my readers I am providing this guide on How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos and give the detailed information on specific methods such as the youtube method.

Why Youtube? Many Emails filled my inbox asking why have I stated youtube as the number 1 method to earn money online in 2018.

Let me break it down for your people, and you will understand why I have I exerted such pressure on this method and its potential to make any person a millionaire for god sake! Yes, a millionaire.

You must have remembered in my online ways to earn money guide I included Pewdiepie (one of the top self-made millionaires from youtube),
well, here is the headline which Forbes published which shook the youtube world and all other video industries.

How YouTube's PewDiePie Made $15 Million This Year

Not just that, even you can verify the authenticity of it from the Wikipedia page over here -> Wiki Pewdiepie earnings From Youtube
But, today we will try to emphasise on methods of some of the leaders of youtube marketing and people who are successful in youtube and very famous.

But, Before that, I would like to share information about the Top Indian youtubers list.



Data From Vidooly


The interesting thing here is that these people are earning more than 5 lakhs+ each month with exception of Sandeep Maheshwari sir because he does not monetize his videos (what a legend).

It’s Time to hop on to the guide to take steps to achieve the youtube success and be on this list someday. 🙂

1# Step Number One – Creating a youtube channel


Sign in using your Gmail address/Create New Gmail Youtube Account.


Create a New channel according to your brand name/ your name etc, whichever suits you.

Steps to Start Earning Money From Youtube

That’s it, you are done, what you can do more of this is that take a pro tip from me here and create a custom youtube channel URL.

Which will look like this*yourdesiredname*. instead of what youtube hands over to you i.e

which looks ugly.

Finding Yourself a Profitable Niche
Do What You Love, but before that, a little bit of keyword and market research plays a significant role in the success of your youtube journey or any online internet marketing journey forsake.
Now, What is a niche?
So, we get it now see how I focused on the part generally a targetable part of a market where the customer demand is still unmet – which to break down for you is a smart way of conquering the field of our expertise.

Generally, people, tend to focus on areas which make money to other peoples especially someone they follow and tend to bend to that specific niche even though they do not possess the same talent in the field that one is doing.

For the following guide, we will term the niche as a market product/service such as someone selling books is a niche to someone doing binding of a book is also a niche.

For example, if you are not a comedy person (comedy being the niche here) you shall stay away from making funny videos, because it will not just work for, Right unless you can bring some entertainment to the table in this very field, you will not be able to earn big in this specific niche.

But lose no hope, these days youtube is at such a peak that any tom, dick and harry can make videos and you name it, and there will be at least ten videos on any niche.
And, if you disagree me with me on this and you have something which seems profitable, but nobody has made videos on it, You mister/miss have just hit the jackpot, hop on till we finish with the exact steps.

Which now will lead us to the next step of finding a profitable yet passionate driven niche?
What do I mean from the above statement is that if you are good at anything and I say anything be it dancing, storytelling, making jokes etc. which can be filmed/recorded/shared and is safe for work you will be making a bank in a no time.

For example, consider Mallika Badrinath mam, she with her astounding cooking skills know how to hook up people to her show, and with 117k subscribers, she is making a bank as a passive income from youtube.

So let me ask you a question are you Interested in cooking? If yes then you know how to proceed with the guide and if no! you can look for your family member and find the talent in them, look for their passion and they can start this journey under your guidance.

But, those who are not interested in cooking, trust me the stuff I am going to share with you now, and the journey of people in so many different niche market is going to give you the motivation to start it today.

List of things you can do on youtube
1. Be a motivation for people

I would like to start this with one of the most excellent people in India Sandeep Maheshwari Sir, which can be your motivation bootup for this journey.

Over 6 Million (Around 60 Lakh Subscribers) Sandeep Maheshwari sir can earn more than a five-year professional software developer working in a multinational company or more than the highest pay grade government job of India being a civil servant or even a government doctor.

Notice I used “can” instead of “is” because Sandeep Maheshwari sir is not even doing it for money, but he is doing it for his passion, and that is the reason I also emphasise why passion and desire can lead you to unlimited possibility with youtube.

Not Just that, there are tons of people like him earning a fortune as well as filling their audience life with happiness following their passion with youtube.

Such as

Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker


Vasant Chauhan

Him-eesh Madaan

Dr Sneh Desai

2. Show your singing skills

Ever watched a karaoke show and wanted to be the star of the century but never got selected at an audition be it for X Factor Or Indian Idol, well who does not.

But, hold no limits because people will judge you directly for your skills and you can be a leading youtube singing star of this era.

Raj Barman (572k Subscribers)

Ritu Agarwal (1.1 Million Subscribers)

Satyajeet Jena (1.6 Million Subscribers)

Yeah, he is a little kid with an exceptional voice, trust me on this, but if you try, then you or your brother and your son can be too someday.

Shirley Setia (2.4 Million Subscribers)

Sanam (4.4 Million Subscribers)

3. Do Podcasts
4. Make Pranks
5. Be a respected teacher.
6. Make People Laugh, Do Mimicry.
And you think about it, and you will find videos for it.

Now what, else you need? A 9-5 job which will force you to work despite your desires and passion or follow your heart and make money from it which is boundless and holding 0 limits, the choice is yours.

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